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Fitrockr is a Next Generation Customizable
Analytics & Research Platform

The Fitrockr Analytics & Research solution enables Universities and Research Institutes to automatically collect and analyze health and activity data from wearables or other monitoring devices.
Users can be flexibly segmented into target groups and data can be analyzed and exported on individual or group level.
Exported data is provided as CSV or JSON for daily, hourly and minute-level data, either anonymized or individualized, depending on the field of study.
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Use of Fitrockr is Simple and Effective

[1] Distribute

Distribute devices to study participants and target groups.

[2] Collect

Fitrockr automatically fetches and imports the data from all participants.

[3] Analyze

Flexibly segment participants into target groups, analyze and export data.

Great Monitoring and Analysis Features to Achieve Sustained Results Across Studies

Real-time Data Measurements

Fitrockr automatically fetches participants‘ data from connected devices such as wearables, smartwatches, scales and smartphones. 

Synced data is instantly displayed on individual or target group level to allow easy analysis.

Flexible Target Group Segmentation

Fitrockr allows flexible target group segmentation. Each participant can be assigned to one more target groups depending on the research study structure.  

Powerful Export Tools

Fitrockr provides powerful and easy to use export tools that allow data outputs acoording to research study needs. 

Data export configuration allows to define:

  • Exported target group (individuals, groups or both)
  • Timeframe to be covered
  • Data elements to be included
  • Export format (CSV or JSON)

Detailed Data Analysis

Fitrockr provides exported data as CSV or JSON for daily, hourly and minute-level data, either anonymized or individualized, depending on the field of study. 


With Fitrockr, we successfully conducted our research project on Active Lifestyle!

– University & Research Institute


Pricing made for all types of budgets

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